Thursday 19 June 2014

Ulster Fry

A thoughtful and unqualified endorsement from the First Minister of the Let's Get Physical! campaign.

It is good to get Wales' premier politician backing our grass-roots activists in their unprecedented effort to overwhelm the problem of physical ill-health among people with a mental illness and their carers.

Especially when he clearly has other things on his mind...

He is exercised that if Scotland leaves the United Kingdom then England might too - see the story here.

As he explains, this would leave just Wales and Northern Ireland as the, erm, UK?

If that happens I suppose we will keep the pound and stop England using it - and it might be fun to keep the veto on the UN Security Council too.

Above all, though, it would present the opportunity to create the greatest breakfast ever imagined - a combination of the "Full Welsh" with fried laver bread and the cholesterol-rich "Ulster Fry" with white and black pudding.

But we would have to pass a law (parliament could sit alternately in Cardiff and Belfast) which says you can only have the new breakfast if you first run 10 miles at the crack of dawn - and on that basis it will conform to the best Let's Get Physical! principles.