Saturday 7 June 2014

Rose Prince vs Mary Berry

As a reward for doing some gardening - and I don't mean pricking out lettuce plants or similar light duties but sawing branches and clearing brambles - I get home-made hazelnut cake and strawberry jam (also home-made) for tea.

You can do it yourself by following Rose Prince's two recipes here. Actually Mrs Blog used Mary Berry's recipe for the jam instead - you can see her do it on film here - handy for seeing how to check when the jam is ready.

Looking over my shoulder as I type this Mrs B insists I admit on her behalf that she didn't wait quite long enough for the jam to cool before she put it in the jars - so the strawberry bits did rather float to the top. Ho hum - at any rate nobody will think we substituted a commercial brand (and it tastes fine).

If you haven't got a ring tin (we got ours from the Sally Army charity shop for 50p) Mrs B says any shape cake tin which gives you plenty of crust will do including just a standard round one but only fill it about two inches.

Such food of course is completely healthy in moderation - especially if you do some compensatory manual labour - so I assert confidently that this counts as a Let's Get Physical! contribution...