Friday 6 June 2014

Extraordinary Challenges

Yesterday I reported on the intrepid Hafal activists who braved that treacherous water between the Welsh mainland and Ynys Môn.

Today I observe the meticulous preparations of another Hafal supporter who is setting off on another stretch of water - the Indian Ocean.

Heather Rees-Guant from West Wales is about to embark on her epic row for Hafal which will involve a journey across 5,000 miles of open sea from Australia to South Africa. Heather tells us...

"Ocean rowing is all about mental and physical endurance. That’s why I chose Hafal as the charity I wanted to support because, like me, Hafal’s clients are ordinary people taking on extraordinary challenges"

Thanks, Heather, you put that so well. It will inspire Hafal Members and indeed everbody with a mental illness to think of your amazing ambition alongside their own courageous efforts to recover and thrive.

The expedition will start within a few days and we will keep in touch with Heather's progress using a battery of sophisticated tracking equipment.