Friday 27 May 2011

Ponty Party

The “Taking the Wheel” campaign reached Pontypool yesterday.

Hafal's Torfaen Practice Leader Pam Johnson reports: "Our theme for the day was 'Looking after yourself physically'. We chose this theme because recovery from serious mental illness isn't just about medication or other therapies that deal directly with symptoms. These can be very important but mental health is built on much broader foundations and we wanted to emphasise the importance of physical health in relation to recovery."

Exercise and therapy sessions took place during the event and a buffet was provided. Carers, service users and key contacts in mental health services attended along with local school children.

Pam added: “Service users have been talking about the new legislation in Wales; they welcome the Mental Health Measure and hope that the new law will improve the quality of care plans.”

Pam also raised a priority concern in Torfaen: “Service users value the services which Hafal provides particularly the support we give families affected by serious mental illness. Clients would like our family support and advocacy service to be expanded as Hafal can only provide 10 hours a week at present due to lack of funding. This service has to cover the whole borough; to be honest it only scratches the surface at the moment." A useful reminder that bread and butter issues concerning essential local services need to be addressed.