Tuesday 10 May 2011

Healthy Scepticism

So Carwyn Jones has indicated he will go ahead without a coalition partner, as neither a minority nor a majority government (they got 30 out of 60 seats). This will make for simplicity in some respects but possible difficulty if the opposition parties gang up on him. Carwyn has wisely made respectful noises towards the opposition - see the story here.

We await the announcement of Ministers with interest. I reckon it's evens on Edwina Hart remaining at health. If she doesn't then it's anybody's guess but I hope it's somebody tough enough to take on the NHS vigorously. Edwina's formula for the Welsh NHS - no purchaser/provider split, minimal market forces, and the Minister personally whipping the senior managers into shape - arguably requires somebody of her particular energy (and healthy scepticism about producer interest among senior bureaucrats) to make it work.

Patients surely don't want an NHS run by the NHS Confederation (the "trade union" of health senior execs and non-execs) worthy though many of its members undoubtedly are.