Thursday 24 July 2014

Northern Soul

After a brutally hot night in the Colwyn Bay Travelodge it is a relief to get out this morning and into Coffee Corner, our favourite breakfast haunt on the high street. Alun and I both agree that in view of the heat it would be sensible to eschew a proper breakfast and make do with a piece of toast and a cup of tea.

But the amiable proprietor isn't having any of it and prescribes us the light breakfast pictured above. He's right of course and we are nicely set up for the day.

We are up here for the quarterly North Wales meeting of managers and Trustees which goes well. Great to hear the plans for the Let's Get Physical! campaign motorcade which started its North Wales leg this week and will visit one county each week until early September when it will return south to cover remaining counties there.

We also talked about choice in mental health services (see my last post) - this is the coming thing.

I enjoyed this flatteringly action-packed collage of my times with Hafal which featured on our media...