Wednesday 23 July 2014

Giant Badminton

Did I mention that I was taking the camper with me when I leave?

A good day at the Royal Welsh today with some useful contacts made as well as lots of fun.

It was good to get to know our colleagues from Diverse Cymru better. Alun and I had a really useful conversation with their CEO Charles Willie about personalisation and individual health budgets.

The question is: if individual choice and control is right for clients in social care (indeed direct payments are enshrined in law in Wales under the new Social Services Act) then why not in health?

We need to find a way to do this really well in Wales, learning from the mistakes and the successes in England and elsewhere.

It will come, just a question of when.

In the intense heat this Let's Get Physical!-inspired game of giant badminton with Hafal's events supremo Emma Billings lasted about 30 seconds...