Saturday 17 May 2014

Let's Fizz - My Plan

Cukes in Mrs B's unheated greenhouse

Mrs Blog has achieved a personal best by growing cucumbers ready to eat before mid May - evidence above. We are looking forward to basketfuls of healthy salad and other veg following the mild early spring.

Part of my personal Let's Get Physical! plan for this summer is to do some fishing - good exercise and there is also the distant prospect of catching something healthy to cook and eat.

Personally I only do sea fishing which is generally more energetic than the freshwater game or coarse varieties (and a lot cheaper). My great grandfather David John by contrast was a keen game fisherman when he wasn't busy running the family's Felinfoel Brewery (no, I don't personally own any of it sadly). You can see his satisfaction with a good day's sport in this photo -

He looks rather small but that is just because these are truly mighty fish. To demonstrate this I have conducted a crafty piece of historical research as follows...

A 30 lb salmon is about 41 inches long (you can find calculators for this on the net). In the photo on my computer screen the brewer is 15 cm high whereas the 30lb fish is 8.2cm. Ergo that canny slaker of Llanelli furnacemen's prodigious thirst was (15 /8.2) X 41 inches = 75 inches = 6ft 3inches tall. I'm 6ft 4inches but that must be evolution.

But there is room for error as quite possibly Teifi salmon (that's where he went) are unusually long and thin or squat and fat?

Here he is again with an unknown chum or possibly employee. Perhaps I too should wear a tie when I go fishing?