Friday 16 May 2014


Our brilliant Campaign website - look here

I'm catching up after a hectic week and only now had time to look at the pictures from last week's launch of Let's get physical!

And what a good event it was courtesy of the indefatigable Emma Billings and lots of other stalwarts who made it a huge success. The great thing with these events is both to drive the point home but also show everybody a good and memorable time: in that we succeeded in spades.

Some choice moments for me...

Is this a dance movement or a sign of despair?

Introducing Liz Hails who spoke for carers on the Panel running the Campaign...

The joke was that we were getting soaked - strange how the camera doesn't show the rain?

After the dancing the food of course...

Our Let’s Get Physical! campaign sets a challenge for service users and carers to radically improve their physical health. People with a mental illness and their carers will set their own physical health goals by:

• sourcing and preparing healthy, high quality, good value food

• finding ways to become more active

• getting the right support from health professionals to stay well

...but of course we need the politicians, policy-makers and health professionals to play their part too: don't miss the section on the website for them (hyperlink here).

Meanwhile see the latest edition of Mental Health Wales - a "Let's Fizz" special - via this link. Don't miss the inspirational interview with Campaign Panel member and allotmenteer Nigel Griffiths!