Thursday 24 April 2014

Unofficial Mascot

An excellent meeting yesterday between the partners for this year's Let's Get Physical! campaign.

The only worry about the otherwise fantastic materials was that one person thought they could see a maggot feasting on the apple in the campaign logo - see above.

I assured everybody that this could not conceivably have happened but this morning we looked very carefully and to my horror and embarrassment the close-up shows this...

Too late to change anything now so it seems the campaign has an unofficial mascot.

Any suggestions for a name for the little fellow?

The campaign challenges people with a mental illness and their families to set their own physical health goals by:

● sourcing and preparing healthy, high quality, good value food
● finding ways to become more active
● getting the right support from health professionals to stay well.

Throughout Summer 2014, 22 county events will give service users and carers across Wales the opportunity to:

● get a physical health check up from a qualified healthcare professional
● take part in physical activities
● receive practical information and advice about how to minimise the side-effects of medication
● take part in cookery sessions and get advice and information on nutrition and diet
● get advice on reducing drug/alcohol/nicotine intake.

And the politicians, policy makers and service providers need to play their part too - see this previous post.

The campaign website goes live on 1 May and the Minister of Health launches the campaign on 8 May.