Friday 4 April 2014

Plus Ça Change

Early French art circa 16,000 BC - wonderful, the forerunners of Gauguin etc

The National Eisteddfod has many attractions for the visitor and among them is the delight of observing other visitors laughing and shaking their heads in disbelief at the poor quality or impenetrability (or both) of the exhibits in the visual arts tent.

It is a good laugh and an opportunity to brush up your Welsh - you can learn plenty of colourful, pejorative expressions for both pre- and post-watershed use.

This may be a peculiarity of this event but I'm afraid there is some feeling that Wales just isn't very good at this kind of thing.

So I was intrigued to hear today that the earliest example of Welsh art in history was coming back to Llandudno this Spring (see the story here). I hoped this might show at least some depth in the visual arts which we could be proud of.

Alas, the shapeless piece of bone which a bored caveperson had scratched at idly is of no better standard than the modern stuff (nor any worse it has to be said).

But perhaps this lends credence to the theory that we have been here all along (see this post) failing to get our eye in?

Early Welsh art circa 14,000 BC - oh dear, don't give up the day job