Friday 11 April 2014

Gardeners' Question Time

Question: How many people in Ceredigion read the Guardian?

Answer: I don't know but you could get an idea by seeing how many people from Ceredigion have taken up the excellent Guardian offer (in conjunction with Thompson and Morgan) for 5 free packets of salad and pea seeds and a dibber just for the postage cost of £2.30 - see this link where you can do the same without even having to buy the Guardian.

Far better to get out there and plant seeds than stay in reading that worthy but often tedious in-house magazine of public sector professionals (I read it on Saturdays when it has some more interesting stuff in it).

Growing vegetables combines two of the strands of our brilliant summer campaign Let's Get Physical! (link here) namely exercise and nutrition. Our web-site for the campaign will be going live soon - I'll tip you off.

As a good Cardi myself I got my order in before posting this in case the offer is over-subscribed - after all it is possible that more people from Ceredigion read this Blog than read the Guardian. So don't delay...