Monday 3 June 2013

Yet Another Ceredigion Libel

June at last and weather to match!

A good year for buttercups as you can see from my snap taken Sunday afternoon. Everybody knows the buttercup test - you hold the flower under the chin and if it reflects yellow then the person likes butter. It always reflects yellow because everybody likes butter, don't they?

But do you know the origin of the buttercup? Some fairies (members of the Tylwyth Teg) stopped a man from Tregaron carrying a sack of gold coins and asked for alms. The man refused so as he passed the fairies surreptitiously cut a little hole in his sack and the coins sprinkled out as he walked and that is how buttercups came to be.

And the bluebells have stayed out late (picture from the same walk below). Unlucky to take them into your house, they say, but it isn't true that it's illegal to pick them in spite of what some busybodies tell you.