Friday 21 June 2013

Catching Up!

Oh dear I have neglected this Blog for quite a while so here is a rapid catch-up...

The camper van and Mobile Studio rolled into Caerphilly last week - see the latest news on the campaign here and take a look specifically at the film of the event here where Ruth Squires makes the immensely practical point that people need help and contact at weekends.

It's not rocket science but it is all too easy for services to forget that Sunday in particular is a potential time of strain where enforced solitude and lack of opportunity to engage with other people can make it a long wait until Monday.

Meanwhile take a look at the Mental Health Foundation's latest piece of thoughtful research on the baby boomer generation here. I was on the panel which created the report (though credit really to their excellent research team). I'm no baby boomer (too young) and it can be difficult to work up sympathy for the generation which stereotypically enjoyed the benefits of post-War largesse and then got out before the bill arrived.

In fact this is a false picture as so many people didn't get the free tuition fees and the rest of those sort of goodies. Read the report even if you are younger because it helps understand the issues which we will all face growing older now that we are in increasing denial of the idea of being old at all (mainly a healthy perspective, mind you).

More follows soon...