Friday 7 June 2013


Lee McCabe (left) shooting the breeze yesterday with the S Wales Constabulary

Inspirational film blog by Lee McCabe from yesterday's Lights! Camera! ACTION! event in Merthyr.

Lee is himself an inspiration: his story, which is eloquently set out in Twelve Lives, shows how people can progress from the shocking place which is the first onset of serious illness to personal success and then go on to make a big difference to the lives of those who face the same starting point. Lee does this in two ways - directly as a Recovery Practitioner with Hafal and indirectly by engaging with our successful campaigns including the epic struggle which brought about the Mental Health Measure.

Cool shades too, Lee.

And back in 2010... Lee and Jonathan Morgan AM marking the Royal Assent to the Legislative Competence Order which paved the way to the historic new Welsh law