Friday 28 May 2010


The microbus rolls into Pontypool delivering its key messages on the "Road to Recovery" campaign...

- Wales has recently been given the power to create new mental health legislation and the Assembly Government has introduced a draft "Measure" (Welsh law). Hafal Members would like the new law and accompanying regulations to give all people with a serious mental illness a legal right to a holistic care plan, and to set out all the areas the care plan should cover.

As the Measure goes forward we are concerned to ensure that there are time-limits to guarantee that patients get their care plan quickly - more on this soon.

- We believe that in future all mental health services should be developed and delivered in response to individuals' care plans. This would mean giving each person a 'menu' of services to choose from so that they can exercise choice as much as possible in their recovery.

- Given the pressure on public spending, we want resources for mental health and social services to be fully protected – and for new resources to bring mental health services up to scratch.

Meanwhile in Torfaen there is also a pressing need to secure independent advocacy for mental health carers: watch this space.