Sunday 23 May 2010

Phew What a Scorcher!

Sunday lunch at Wasabi in Swansea's Uplands - a little piece of Japan marooned in West Wales to indulge fans of raw tuna - followed by an afternoon on the sun-drenched beach in central Swansea. Just opposite the Patti Pavilion is my usual target (but you've got to walk 200 yds East to make sure you don't stumble on the old sewage outlet invisible at high tide). The water is fabulously warm - better than anything I can remember in May or even June - if this is global warming bring it on (only joking). Best of three swims is just before high tide at 3.15: after the usual splashing around I do 100 breast strokes which I can still feel two hours later (not very fit at present).

The sand is so hot you can't walk far bare-foot but worth the effort to collect large whelk shells in evidence today along with the usual mother-of-pearl oyster shells which make exotic ash-trays. On the way home and still orientally-inclined a detour is ordered to the Wah-Yu Chinese supermarket (a few hundred yds up High Street from the station) where apparently frozen squid is good value.