Thursday 7 August 2014

Slightly Spooky

Have you seen the Holy Grail? If so ring West Mercia Police

An update on my last post...

Yesterday I left work at five to pick up Mrs Blog at Carmarthen Tesco's where among other stuff she had bought a crate of value-brand ("every little helps") bubble bath which is a morning treat before my Let's Get Physical! healthy breakfast (options - all at about 200 calories - are: a big spoon of baked beans on toast; two fish fingers on toast; egg on toast; two pieces of toast with Marmite; porridge; or two slices of grilled Lidl Bavarian ham - we call it "facon" as it is a good low-fat bacon substitute - on toast).

I arrived to find her a little dazed as moments before the Unknown Saint Of Cenarth had walked up to her and asked if we had got home safely. Yes thank you, she said, and he went on his way. Slightly spooky, although I guess Carmarthen Tesco's is probably the nearest big supermarket to Cenarth.

Also slightly spooky is the story of yesterday's police raid on a Herefordshire pub in search of the Holy Grail which, as everybody knows, used to reside in Wales having been brought over by Joseph of Arimathea.

They found a salad bowl (full story here). Let's hope they find the real thing soon before it is acquired by a sect of neo-Nazi spiritualists who harness its powers for evil purposes?