Friday 8 August 2014

Denbighshire Diggers

Let’s Get Physical! reached Denbighshire today where the campaign has inspired service users and carers to start their own vegetable plot.

"You can’t beat home-grown veg – it’s fresh and it tastes better because you’ve grown it yourself," says Lauren.

"There’s something therapeutic about growing your own vegetables: it absorbs you and you get to see the vegetables grow and flourish. Plus you get some exercise into the bargain, you grow really healthy and nutritious food and you save quite a bit of money on your shopping.

"We’re trying to prove that growing veg is something that anyone can do, even if it’s just a few essentials like potatoes, carrots and tomatoes. What’s really nice is that we’re doing it in partnership with Barnardo’s, so we are also using it as a way to make links with the community and grow friendships."

Today’s event took place at Hafal’s Bryn y Wal project; activities and stands included:-

• Bootcamp taster sessions
• Golf taster sessions
• Football obstacle course
• Healthy eating advice
• Information on Rural Regeneration (Food Co-operative)
• Advice on giving up smoking
• Table tennis
• Mobile Health Centre health checks.

Hafal Denbighshire Practice Leader Nina said: "In addition to the new vegetable plot we are also getting some chickens so that we can have our own freshly-laid eggs. It’s about encouraging each other to take an active part in producing our own food – and about making our diet healthy and nutritious. We’re also running a weekly Meal Challenge which gets people to share healthy recipes they have prepared, plus we’re running walking groups and promoting access to exercise groups in the community."

Another excellent example of making physical health fun and sociable, combining diet, exercise and those health checks!