Wednesday 1 May 2013

The New Tarantino

I feel under some pressure to join in the film blogging which is taking off big time this week as part of our Lights! Camera! ACTION! campaign. So, what to do? An interview with the Minister of Health perhaps, or a focus group studying the new Care and Treatment Plans alongside Hafal's excellent new Guide?

Maybe I will get around to those but in the spirit of this Blog it seems only right to give Rhys and Huw the privilege of appearing in the debut feature of my new cinematic career.

In case the significance of the film isn’t immediately apparent let me explain that it illustrates an important psychological phenomenon, namely how excessive proximity and dependence (exhibited through mutual grooming) can lead to tension and discomfort (exhibited by them ferociously grabbing each other by the throat – though this fur-flying behaviour is "only playing" as cat owners frequently have to explain to alarmed visitors).

Important to set this out in case you thought that the clip was really just another example of the self-indulgent trivia which infests the Internet and frankly I should get on with doing some proper work...

Click on the play button in the centre; you can also click on the square box at bottom right for the full Odeon Multiplex-with-popcorn experience

On a more serious note I am looking forward to the first of our 22 "on location" events in Swansea tomorrow. Check Facebook late in the day to see what users have said in the mobile studio.