Thursday 25 April 2013

High Hopes

Colwyn Bay viewed from Rhos-on-Sea early this morning

I have stumbled on the most luxurious room in the Colwyn Bay Travelodge. The architects, having crammed in numerous tiny and minimalist cells each with a bleak telly and spartan desk firmly nailed to the walls like a prison, must have ended up with an odd-shaped space not quite big enough for two rooms so they shrugged their shoulders and made it into mine.

A good meeting today with our North Wales managers and Trustees. They are very well prepared for the summer campaign and aiming to sustain their reputation for cleverly-designed events.

They are also rising to the challenge - and it's a steep learning curve for most of us - of producing video blogs by users and carers plus a variety of documentary and creative films in furtherance of the campaign.

For details of Lights! Camera! ACTION! follow this link.

On to Porthmadog tomorrow to plan the marketing of our residential recovery centre there: the pilot sessions have gone really well so we have high hopes.