Wednesday 27 February 2013

Stand and Deliver!

Take a look at the redesigned journal Mental Health Wales here complete with an agreeably undignified cartoon of leading Welsh Government Ministers. Will they deliver? That is the question now that the legislation and strategy are in place...

The money is important and the ring-fence (the least sexy but most important thing in the strategy) could at least protect the resources if properly implemented. But I still worry about this idea of "culture change" - certainly needed but can it be achieved through recruitment, training, practice guidance, and appeals to professionals' consciences?

Only very partially, I suggest, because there is no reason to think that the managers and front-line professionals in Welsh mental health services (and I include the voluntary sector) are inferior in skill or dedication to those elsewhere.

We will never accord sufficient respect and provide first class services to patients and families until they have real choice and control over the services they use.