Friday 15 February 2013

Horse Strength

Penny Cram and Junaid Iqbal with Labour MPs

Apologies for the lack of posts: I succumbed to tooth-ache last weekend and I am only now getting on top of it with horse-strength antibiotics (you have probably had some yourself if you enjoy frozen lasagne and "beef" burgers). Extraction of the offending molar is scheduled for first thing Monday morning after which I am meeting the Welsh Government - really not as bad as pulling teeth I'm hoping.

Meanwhile mine was the lead letter in the Western Mail on Monday. You may be wondering - was it about the Mental Health Measure, or perhaps the new Welsh Social Services Bill? For shame it was not but rather about events over 500 years ago now suddenly topical - see the on-line version here.

Now, already slightly regretting this dilettante excursion, I have been approached by a charming journalist from Wales on Sunday wanting to expand my thesis for an article this weekend. Look out for the name check which I understand will be as "amateur historian Bill Walden-Jones". Isn't everybody an amateur historian? I mean apart from professional historians like my boss, Hafal's distinguished Chair of Trustees Dr Elin Jones, of course.

While I am wasting time on this stuff it is fortunate that other Hafal staff are taking their duties seriously, including our Criminal Justice Lead Penny Cram and National Assembly lobbyist Junaid Iqbal who have returned from a very successful foreign trip - to Westminster where they held a series of meetings with Welsh MPs of all parties in order to set out our Members' concerns about a range of matters including reform of the benefits system. See more here.