Wednesday 7 November 2012

High Heels

We are gearing up for tomorrow's conference to mark the culmination of our Movin' On Up Campaign - inevitably the event is styled as a "Summit" (geddit?).

Hafal Events Coordinator Emma Billings tells us: "Two hundred delegates, most of them people with a serious mental illness and their families, have already booked to attend the Summit. They'll have a unique opportunity to share experiences with people from other areas and to celebrate the success of this year's campaign which has been praised by Health and Social Services Minister Lesley Griffiths AM."

Activities at the Summit include:

• Workshops on welfare reform, psychological therapies, medication, and care and treatment planning

• A Carers' Forum and Users' Rally

• Updates on Hafal's Learning Centre and Criminal Justice services.

More worryingly there is also...

• Scaling a mobile climbing wall

• Zumba and Tai Chi workouts

The trick if you want to avoid these physical activities is to wear impractical clothes (perhaps a ball-gown or top hat and tails?) and then plead that sadly you have forgotten to bring suitable attire.

Although, now I think about it, Emma was observed (at the Seminar back in May which launched the campaign) climbing to the dizzy summit of our massive "wall of death" in high heels, an impressive achievement the more so because it was done elegantly and without loss of dignity. Sadly no pictures can be found (where have you put them, Emma?) so we'll have to make do with a repeat picture (above) of our Mental Health Foundation partner David Crepaz-Keay climbing the same wall - but without high big deal!