Wednesday 1 August 2012


As promised full details of the Snowdon Challenge are now on-line so get booking! Find the links at the bottom of the campaign page here.

So can you do the climb? The important thing is to follow carefully the guidance and application form (which incorporates a health questionnaire) on the above link - anything I say shouldn't be seen as over-riding that of course.

The health questionnaire will direct some people to get the all clear from their doctor but if you are in doubt there's nothing to stop you getting their advice anyway, especially if you aren't used to exercise. If you think you can do it but are not quite sure then you will enjoy the day more if you have first got reassurance from your doctor.

Aged 53, carrying quite a lot of extra weight (and I'm not talking about the ruck-sack!), but with moderate fitness from going to the gym occasionally and doing some hill-walking, I found the walk demanding but not very hard last week but you shouldn't underestimate what is a long climb (9 miles altogether there and back) which will test anyone's cardiac fitness ("puff") and your joints and muscles too.

Definite Snowdon Fact:

∙  Being the 57th highest mountain in the UK (all the higher ones are in Scotland) at 3,560 feet doesn't sound that impressive but actually Ben Nevis is only 849 feet taller so our highest point is no mole-hill.

Unproven Snowdon Facts:

∙ Glaslyn, the remote lake below the summit, is the home of a fresh-water monster or "afanc" which terrorised the neighbourhood until the locals got fed up and shoved it in the lake.

∙ If two people sleep by the lake one will awake as a poet and the other will become insane. As a mental health charity we will eschew any unethical experiments in this direction - there are no plans to spend the night anywhere on the mountain.