Monday 13 August 2012


Taking the plunge in Swansea Bay, Mumbles visible to the right

On Saturday afternoon I managed only my second swim in the sea this summer, this time half way around the Swansea corniche opposite the Patti Pavilion, a good spot with free parking on the other side of the road (you pay in the car-park on the seaward side) but make sure you walk 300 yards north-east back towards the town to avoid the disused sewage pipe which is hidden at high tide! The water was fairly warm but the breeze was quite insistent so I didn't hang around long.

I have always prided myself on being fairly philosophical about the weather - any other attitude is folly if you live in Wales - but I have to admit my patience has been sorely tried this summer.

However, last year after an almost equally pants high season we did get an Indian summer (I should say Haf Bach Mihangel - "St Michael's Little Summer" - the archangel's saint's day being 29 September) with record-breaking high temperatures and consequently pleasant swimming opportunities into early October (see the evidence here).

So don't put away your Speedos (or Peter Hahn bikini) - the best may yet be to come!