Friday 28 October 2011


Swansea City Premiership celebs Gerhard Tremell and Vangellis Moras visited Hafal’s Ammanford Resource Centre this week and had an in-depth discussion with service users which touched on the parallels between recovering from a serious physical injury and a serious mental illness .

The event was a great success: Huw Lake (Player Liaison Officer), players and service users also discussed issues including social isolation, positive mental attitudes in competitive sport and recovery from serious mental illness.

One other topic was the stress of working in a competitive environment, something a professional footballer isn't really going to be able to avoid but it will get a lot worse later in the season as the titanic struggle to escape demotion comes to a head. Jack Army stalwart and Hafal Deputy Chief Exec Alun Thomas thinks they stand some chance as their home goal remains far.

I'm strictly neutral as there are a number of Cardiff supporters among us - both clients and staff - who inexplicably failed to join in the celebrations when their neighbours down west went up.