Sunday 30 October 2011

Big Friendly Village

Another active weekend in the teeth of wet weather, the highlight being a walk on the coast path near Llanelli. The tide is in and occasional sunlight breaks through to create a silvery shimmer which needless to say my photos fail to capture.

The centre of Llanelli is mainly covered in scaffolding as an EU-funded facelift gets underway. I'll reserve judgement until I see the result. I have wondered whether the vast expense of renovating Llanelly House, former home of local crachach the Vaughans and latterly Stepneys, is worthwhile - the building was abandoned as a town house for the gentry in about 1800 and used for business and suchlike since - but the die is cast and we should find out next year.

This unique Welsh community, where the same industrial and non-conformist character which once made it modern and progressive now makes it appear very old-fashioned, does not conform to the characterless and impersonal uniformity of modern urban environments (well, outside the central pedestrian shopping area anyway) either in appearance or, more importantly, in its social atmosphere which remains like that of a big friendly village.

Meanwhile the Coast Path Visitor Centre stands out improbably as a bold bit of modernism...