Wednesday 21 September 2011


The "Taking the Wheel" microbus and simulator rolled into Aberavon today on their penultimate county visit - last one in Swansea next week.

Service users and carers from Neath Port Talbot discuss the campaign’s theme of empowerment during the event and one service user tells us that living with bipolar disorder put a huge strain on her family life and personal relationships but her situation has improved hugely in recent years.

She says: "Having attended Hafal for the last seven years, I now feel completely in control of my own life.

"I have sorted out my finances, enrolled in college to do a counselling course, and have built up a good social life. Having previously suffered from agoraphobia my mental and physical health have never been better."

More good evidence that recovery is about life choices not just medicine!

See more about the campaign here.


This morning I shower in the gym and try out a new soap from Lush with citrus notes called "Sexy Peel" (i.e. "sex appeal", geddit?). I beg you to believe that this was not a symptom of mid life crisis but rather just another joyful experiment in male grooming. Anyway, in case anybody thinks this product might indeed make you more "ap-peel-ing" I can testify that it simply makes you smell of marmalade.