Thursday 1 September 2011

Go West

The microbus went to the far west yesterday to park in the centre of Tenby and spread the message of mental health service-users taking control of their recovery.

Service User Lynn Hudson, 55, who has bipolar disorder, said: "I have been unwell since I was 18. I have had a difficult life and struggled in an abusive relationship for years.

"Since coming to TRI I have been empowered through friendship, care and support and can at last say that I am recovering. I enjoy writing children's stories and painting: my ambition is to be a published children's author.

"I'm receiving support from Hafal to realise my talents and enjoy my hobbies. I take part in workshops and courses at TRI and am now writing children's stories for my grandchildren. I hope that one day they will become a published piece of work.

"Events like 'Taking the Wheel' give Hafal members like myself an opportunity to display our work and have a real sense of pride. I know I haven't completely recovered; I know it will take a long time; but with the continued support from staff, volunteers and friends at TRI I know I will reach my goal."

Thanks, Lynn, and good luck to all our friends in Pembrokeshire who, as usual, have been tireless in backing this important campaign to empower service-users to:

- Take the driving seat in managing their own recovery from mental illness

- Make use of their new rights under the Mental Health Measure

- Make choices about the care and treatment they receive – and who provides them

- Develop and manage services themselves

- Engage with the providers of mental health services so that they can get more involved in planning and commissioning those services

You can read more about the campaign here.