Friday 26 August 2011


Yesterday I drove up the A40 towards Brecon and turn right over the Beacons to arrive a bit late (I blame Dutch tourists slowing down to admire the mountains - it must look spectacular if you live on a great flat fen below sea level) at the "Taking the Wheel" campaign event in Merthyr Tydfil.

Sharon Harris, Hafal Expert Patient Trainer based in Merthyr, tells me:

"Choice of treatments is really important but it’s got to be meaningful. I had a choice of three types of non-medical treatments. I have used CBT, 'talk therapy' and a computer-based therapy. However, the problem was they were all time-limited and didn’t continue long enough to achieve a real effect in helping me recover. What’s needed is consistent, continuing support which lasts as long as you need to achieve real recovery."

See Hafal's "Treatments for Severe Mental Illness - A Practical Guide" here.