Sunday 14 August 2011

Jack Army

Alun Thomas' house (possibly)

Sunday lunch at my brother's place and I explain that while not much interested in soccer I can't help but be drawn to the drama that is Swansea City's miraculous elevation to the Premier League and their challenge to survive up there in the imminent new season. Their first match is tomorrow against mega-rich and strongly-tipped Manchester City (second favourite to their neighbour Man United).

Hafal Deputy Chief Executive and loyal season-ticket-holding City stalwart Alun Thomas (if I didn't know better I would supect that his constant jabbing away at his Blackberry was evidence of some sinister marshalling of the "Jack Army") has explained to me that it is incredibly hard to stay up in the Premiership because its world-class teams are way, way out in front of the Championship clubs (what used to be the second division I suppose) by reason of the vast resources they can expend for the best players.

As if to illustrate the problem I see on Match of the Day this morning that fellow newcomers QPR, after a few minutes of high hopes and a credible shot at goal, are ground down systematically 4 - 0 by old hands Bolton in their opening game. Ouch.


My sister-in-law reveals that the response of my tiny niece to a new child-proof gate in the house (you know, the thing to stop infants venturing into dangerous areas like the stairs) was to grab a spoon and clatter it back and forth against the bars like James Cagney protesting in chokey. A rebel streak for sure.