Sunday 22 August 2010

Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

Well, not quite Keats' autumn yet but the lush later crops are spilling from the garden cornucopia. It has not been a great horticultural year but the slugs and bugs have not been too bad (that cold winter) and the best ever purple sprouting is on the way to stave off the scurvy early next spring. Family stuff earlier this weekend with a visit from my mum and nephew en route to see a new nephew or niece expected imminently further west.

I am also compelled to break my "no DIY at weekends" rule to replace the lavatory seat which has broken just as the rellies turn up. Everybody asserts that this is a simple task but of course they are wrong and I wrestle for hours with incomprehensible instructions in cramped and not entirely savoury working conditions. I suppose I should be grateful that this does not involve the actual plumbing (what a thought).

More family stuff today when I visit an elderly cousin in Carmarthen who gives me a picture he painted in the 1970s of a house which my family used to own in North Pembs. He knows the place has happy memories for me of swimming, collecting mussels, and similar summer fun.