Sunday 15 August 2010

In The Summertime

A micro-triathlon this morning - 8k in the gym, cycle around Swansea Bay, and a dip in the sea off County Hall (a great spot at high tide). Swansea's sea festival is in full swing so the Matthew (replica of John Cabot's ship) is on a visit from its usual berth across the channel in Bristol (or "Brizzle" as I have learned to say on many happy visits to that excellent city. Bristol women also indiscriminately call men "my lover" - I'm surprised Cabot could find a crew to leave with him).

In the gym the TV options for those running on the spot are cricket (aaaargh), rolling music videos, or children's cartoons. SpongeBob it is then (what is he on?) until a break from tales of Bikini Bottom and I switch to see Shaggy and Rayvon performing "In The Summertime" (1995 - link here) which I haven't seen before but captures the mood of these Dog Days rather well. Its mild political incorrectness is really the same thing as the innocent prefeminism of the Mungo Jerry original (1970 - here) which of course everybody over 45 knows well.