Friday 21 March 2014

It Has To Be Tea

I see it as one of my self-appointed tasks during our summer campaign to try to rehearse some diet and exercise tips from my own limited experience. So here's an early go at that...

It's time to rehabilitate kippers and not necessarily for breakfast. Enjoy a kipper with brown bread and butter (thinly spread if you are keeping an eye on your weight) for tea.

The main objection to kippers is the smell which doesn't worry me but it is anyway easily avoided.

Best bet is to cook them in a jug. Put one kipper (minus head and tail) folded loosely into a tall jug and pour boiling water to cover it. You can do more kippers if you have a big jug but you can't pack them in - they've got to be very loose and you would need a lot of boiling water so careful as you go! Wait a minimum of 5 minutes then pour off the water, extract and eat. If you don't like the smell after it is cooked then eat it outside. If you don't like the smell even while you are eating it then try something else...

£5 per kilo today in Tesco for whole Scottish undyed kippers. And don't knock the little boil-in-the-bag or microwaveable fillets - follow the instructions and they are nice for breakfast and quite cheap.

If you try a kipper for lunch or later it's not really worth looking for a nice little Sauvignon Blanc to go with it. It has to be a cup of tea.