Friday 7 February 2014

Where There's A Will...

Irrelevant picture to lure you into a rather dusty subject

We have just refreshed our advice about giving to Hafal - just about legible in the image below but if you want to be kinder to your eyesight please follow this link.

I attended a workshop a few months ago about how to get people to leave money to charity in their will. Among all the advice I was particularly interested to learn that a lot of people don't like the charity to know about their intention to leave them money - and may even strike you out if you go back and enquire, however courteously, after somebody has (for example) asked you for a leaflet on legacies.

Apparently this infuriates professional fundraisers because they want to be able to chalk up success in advance of what may take many years to yield a result!

So I will stop there and allow you to potter down to your solicitor and leave a handsome bequest to Hafal. And I promise not to press you for details - it will just be a nice surprise when we get it, hopefully in many, many years time of course.