Thursday 29 August 2013

Marking Time...

Apologies for the lack of posts and I owe you an update which I'm afraid is basically about me...

Following my heart problems last month (now almost resolved - probably an arrhythmia only and recent tests show the organ itself in reasonable working order) I developed a slipped disc now exactly 4 weeks ago which has completely prostrated me.

Those who have experienced these things will know that very acute pain can be alleviated but only with painkillers which themselves have severe narcotic side effects so long as you require a lot of them - and remain debilitating until you can more or less abandon them except for the purposes of getting to sleep for example. I am only now gradually emerging from a fog of dulled pain and dulled intellectual functioning - and hence only now getting around to this Blog again.

So, it would be gratifying to be able to report to you about interesting books I have read and internet studies which I have undertaken while unwell but the effect of the drugs - essential though they are - has been that I have been unable even to read newspapers, still less actively assist my colleagues in Head Office, though of course I have kept in (fairly passive!) contact with them especially about key matters.

Not that this should cause too much concern to those who care for Hafal because our excellent management and wider staff team obviously do not depend on me to progress the organisation's business and this they have been doing with their usual vigour - see for example the amazing range of activity reflected on our Facebook pages which I have found most cheering - albeit from the sidelines.

I am hoping to get back into work soon but it will take time - please bear with me!