Friday 4 January 2013


Chichester harbour with the Isle of Wight on the horizon

Happy New Year!

...And it's back to work.

There is a positive mood in the office because development opportunities are springing up in spite of the financial climate. Better to be busy because there is work to do than be wringing your hands because there isn't...

Meanwhile the campaigning challenge in 2013 will be to sustain the interest of Welsh politicians and others in mental health now that the law (the Mental Health Measure) - and the new Welsh strategy ("Together for Mental Health") are in place. The risk is that everybody congratulates themselves on "a job well done" and "moves on", a scenario which would leave mental health patients in the lurch because we haven't yet delivered - and that, of course, is the most difficult bit.

We are presently working with our partners Bipolar UK and the Mental Health Foundation to assist patients and families through this year to test and comment on delivery of the Measure and the strategy - watch this space!


As you can see the weather was fine on New Year's Day on the south coast of England where we cooked and ate sausages en pleine air, in contrast to last year when it bucketed down.