Tuesday 9 October 2012


World Mental Health Day tomorrow so Movin' On Up will finish its tour of Wales at the Senedd where the Minister of Health Lesley Griffiths AM will greet the campaign campervan plus a large contingent of patients, families, and mental health professionals.

Meanwhile in anticipation of the day Hafal Chair Elin Jones gave a belting interview on S4C's Prynhawn Da magazine programme yesterday. Follow this link (22 mins in) and if you don't speak Welsh try the subtitles which are eccentric but you can get the gist.

With or without subtitles you can in any case see the evidence of Elin's commitment to the cause - in her Hafal blue hair extensions. Am I alone in thinking that this admirable corporate gesture sets a challenging precedent? Hair extensions are probably not for me but there are other possibilities...


"Belting"? Not a word I use normally but our Young People's Hub editor John Gilheany assures me that this is the adjective of choice among young people to denote excellence so I thought I should give it an outing in the spirit of ensuring that this Blog retains its red-hot, contemporary and à la mode status. Apparently "wicked" and "peachy" are old hat which is a shame. In the highly improbable event of Elin giving a poor interview I could deploy the vivid and still popular "pants". And there again I might just keep my own counsel.