Wednesday 11 April 2012


Bit of a shock to see restaurant critic and foodie Giles Coren on BBC2 tonight claiming to be related to me. He was presenting the latest programme in the series "Our Food" and showed a copy of a photo which has pride of place on my living room wall showing four Ceredigion cattle dealers and their drover (on the left in his distinctive long coat) taking a drink together way back in the 19C.

Apparently Giles' Mrs is descended from one of them but he got it wrong saying that they were all drovers. In fact the four to the right (all cattle dealers and farmers) are brothers and the second from the right - looking rather shy and retiring like me - is my great, great grandfather, also like me the third of four brothers.

One of his grandsons (my grandfather) left to study theology at Lampeter (then an outpost of Oxford University) and took holy orders - and judiciously married the daughter of the Felinfoel Brewery. As a dashing curate in the early 20C he would roar past what is now my house on his Royal Enfield 425cc V-twin motorbike to visit his family near Llandysul.

You can see the show - almost as interesting as my ancestors - on this link.