Wednesday 7 March 2012

The Hump

Forgot to post this Sunday so here it is late...

Another active weekend in this amazing sunshine, although while hiking along the banks of the Towy at 5pm I was caught by an intense barrage of hail the size - and temperature - of frozen peas: my face is still stinging.

Out walking I contemplate the important news that veteran crooner Engelbert Humperdinck has been chosen to represent the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest. Congratulations to whoever made this inspired choice which is so right on so many levels. Either the choice is satirical - putting up an improbable and (ahem) mature artiste in order to show up the relentless naffness of this wretched event - or it is serious in which case it scores on two equal opportunities points - he's getting on in years (even older than Croatian rapper Ladislav Demeterffy who competed in 2008 and has since died of old age) and his mum is Indian.

He will have to sing a new number which is a shame as Release Me is surely an all-time hit which would wipe the floor with the Eurotrash competition. Nevertheless apparently the odds have been slashed for a British victory - like Kent's own caterwauler Kate Bush the Hump is at least as popular in Europe as in Britain where we shamefully find it hard to take these acts seriously.