Friday 13 January 2012

Horse Pills

Last chance to influence the Code of Practice for Parts 2 and 3 of the Mental Health Measure! Honestly this is more important than it sounds so follow this link and get an email off to the Government before Monday...

It's been a torrid week. On Monday my cat Dusty finally succumbed to old age and Blog Towers is consequently desolate without her friendly and reassuring presence. I particularly miss the way I could go about my business around the house and the cat did likewise without mutual interference - unlike a dog whose needy gaze follows you around intrusively. We will get a replacement soon, or more likely a pair.

Meanwhile, and possibly connected, I have been afflicted by gout in my big toe throughout the week. On this occasion the horse pills prescribed for it (a ferocious anti-inflammatory called Indomethacin) don't provide instant relief but I am banking on a peaceful weekend plus application of a bag of frozen peas (prescribed by Hafal Deputy Chief Exec Alun Thomas) to see it off.

I have previously remarked that the two epicentres for gout in the UK are affluent Surrey and somewhat less affluent Merthyr Tydfil. I have also recently read that the only other beast known to have suffered from gout apart from humans was the biggest Tyrannosaurus Rex ever found. She is called Sue and can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Chicago (picture below). Trust me, you really would not have wanted to run into her when her toe was playing up.