Friday 8 July 2011


The microbus continues the North Wales leg of its mighty 22 county odyssey, rolling up today at the Deeside Leisure Centre, Flintshire, along with our VW camper racing simulator which is so fearsome that it requires the Fire Brigade to stand by in case of emergency...

Hafal’s Family Liaison Co-ordinator Janet Fletcher reports that there was a good discussion on how carers can take control of their lives.

One carer who attended the event said: “Being a carer is extremely stressful and lonely at times. Having the opportunity to meet other carers at Hafal projects has enabled me to pursue different interests and develop new skills. It has given me the confidence to complete educational courses which broaden my horizons.

“Because of the training I have received, I now have the confidence to be fully involved with planning future services. I am now more aware of the influence my opinions have on service planners; one way I feel empowered is when I voice my views at carers’ strategy meetings.”

Janet added: “Carers are key supporters of the people they care for, people with a serious mental illness, as they work towards recovery.

“Hafal helped 1,400 mental health carers in Wales last year."

See Hafal's advice for carers here.

Great to see the Rt Hon David Hanson MP, a good friend of Hafal in North Wales, engaging enthusiastically with the simulator...