Sunday 3 April 2011

Ramson Note

A lazy weekend mainly flopping around the house but I finally get out on Sunday afternoon for an hour's walk. The sunshine has been so consistent that I have no waterproof and so I am caught out by a cloudburst and have to shelter in the wood until the rain passes. This leads me to explore a hollow, dead tree which I have noticed before. It won't stand another year I estimate so I get pictures including an inside view (click on the pics to see the detail).

Also in the woods the wild garlic (or ramsons) is now at its best. Easily found by smell (even from your car: just wind down the window and drive slowly through wooded areas) it makes great salad leaves, pesto, or flavouring for other sauces. Don't mistake it for lily of the valley - they do look similar but the smell is the definitive proof. Mrs Blog is even making a fiver a bag selling it to a local restaurant.

Meanwhile the bluebells aren't really out yet except at the margins - sheltered spots in the sun at the edge of the woods like this example snapped before the downpour...