Saturday 25 December 2010

Deep and Crisp and Even

Well, Happy Christmas one and all and I hope your heating is working. A specially warm greeting to Hafal staff working today and to anybody who finds themselves lonely or troubled for any reason over this holiday.

For the first time ever the bath water wouldn't flow away this morning because the waste pipe had frozen somewhere in the wall. It was bitterly cold last night but the sun came up and I did my usual short walk. You can see the tracks of foxes, badgers and rabbits in the snow which have accumulated over several days giving a storyline of great activity. I am no naturalist but presumably they are getting pretty desperate as are the birds which are furiously investigating the outside of our window panes for any spiders and suchlike.

I believe the advice is to give whatever you can to birds during these harsh conditions so out goes the skin and fat off the bacon joint (I hope they don't mind the flavour of cloves and caramelised honey). I would have enjoyed it myself but their need is greater than mine and I suspect my doctor would also approve.