Sunday 6 June 2010

"Kylie is Welsh" - Official

Late last night I am to be found dancing at a friend's wedding to "Can't Get You Out of My Head": see picture to learn the correct posture and hand gestures for the over-fifties performing this manoeuvre safely - and also note the Sweet William (geddit?) button-hole picked from my garden that morning. It occurs to me in the cold light of day that I should add Ms Minogue to the list of famous people who need to be outed as Welsh like William Shakespeare (see this previous blog). Kylie's mam was from Maesteg so she definitely qualifies under WRU rules (and who knows she might have made up for similarly diminutive Shane Williams' absence in yesterday's nail-biter). I can speak with some authority about KM having both been to Ramsay Street and seen the exhibition of her costumes at the V&A in 2007 (escorting a fan I should perhaps add). The music establishment sneers at Kylie but she has confounded all her critics to achieve enormous success. I don't think she needed to try to rival Madonna's naughtiness by showing everybody her pants - I mean with her in them while singing "Can't Get You..." rather than at the V&A though they were there too - and for my money it didn't work as she remains the wholesome and plucky "girl next door". She must also have done a bit of good positively fighting breast cancer: so good on you Kylie fach! Meanwhile if you know of any closet Welsh people whom I should "out" email me at