Wednesday 21 April 2010

We're Off

Warm sunshine and warm words of support from Edwina Hart at the excellent launch of our "Road to Recovery" campaign. The Minister gave an up-beat speech praising Hafal for our work on the LCO and Measure and wishing bon voyage to the microbus and all who sail in her. A big crowd attended including many AMs curious to see the fusion of 1960s German engineering with 21st century touch-screen technology.

Jonathan Morgan, who kindly sponsored the event, welcomed the campaign in a short speech and privately tells me he's fortunate that his better half wasn't with him as he would have come under pressure to make an offer for the bus - might see if we can flog it to him next year. Jane Hutt is looking forward to seeing the bus again when it reaches the Vale on 14 May: I introduce her to Hafal's Vale organiser Rikki Withers who is planning a Caribbean picnic - sounds like one for the diary. Lib Dem Peter Black seems very happy for some reason - he says it is the sunshine while chatting to our North Wales contingent on the videolink. Mark Isherwood remembers a time when there was more public engagement in election campaigns - posters in the windows and so on: he is right I think - is it because people are more wary of displaying their allegiances? I get Dai Lloyd to chat with Sue Barnes (see blog on the Measure below): he is looking forward to hearing her evidence on Thursday. Good to see Phil Chick and we agree we must chat soon as we are co-presenting at the Science of Care conference in June. The two Andrews Mulholland and Macintosh, who will be on tour looking after the bus and its technology, look justifiably pleased with the ensemble they set up earlier in the day. Fresh from giving radio interviews Hafal Chair Elin Jones and Trustee Collette Dawkin are on form networking with the legislators, as are Valleys Trustee Jazz and Vicechair Chris Eastwood who motored down from Gwynedd to check out the bus and press the flesh.