Wednesday 30 October 2013


Hallowe'en reclaimed by Hafal! See more fantastic pictures from Hafal Bridgend's party here. I particularly like the look of the cakes...


I have commented on quite a few novels with a mental illness connection and here's another one...

A M Homes' May We Be Forgiven will disturb some people with a portrayal of a violent secondary character whose lawyers assert mental illness as a defence - a matter never resolved.

But don't be put off: the key character is his brother and the novel describes his progress from guilt, repression and loneliness to self-forgiveness, engagement with other people, and happiness - all the while encompassing a biting satire on modern America. Vastly funnier than the cheap shots fired at the US by British comedians who clearly don't get the place at all.

These quasi-religious but in fact earthy and relevant American novels have no match in UK or other anglophone literature because they dare to be redemptive and idealistic.

Definitely good for your mental health - I found it uplifting after the trough of my recent physical ill-health and attendant low mood.