Tuesday 10 April 2012


I have drawn Seabass (odd name for a horse) in the Hafal Head Office Grand National Sweep. Having won last year I have high hopes and the form looks very encouraging at first glance. He has won his last six races and seems to be in fine condition. And odds of 14/1 are quite short for this race.

However, on closer inspection I see that he has never run close to this distance and never outside Ireland. Oh dear. There is some consolation in observing that he has the most charming jockey in the race, brilliant amateur Katie Walsh, though it is also a fact that a lady jockey has yet to win the National (because they aren't given the best horses).

But, hey, there has to be first time for everything. Apparently Seabass excels on heavy ground so next Saturday in Aintree Dissolve, thick cloud, and rain; that I may say,/The gods themselves do weep!


Spooky: the post which announced my National victory last year was entitled Bass Notes and featured a picture of a seabass (see here). If I was superstitious I'd be tempted to place an each way bet...